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Yosi Alhadif, Israeli born and classically trained at Chicago’s French Pastry School. Yosi grew up in a house in Tel Aviv where the kitchen was its heart and the delicious fragrances of his mother’s recipes could be smelled throughout the neighborhood. He loved the vibrant Israeli street culture, where food reflected the experiences of people from all over the world. These memories and flavors define his food today.


A degree from Chicago’s French Pastry School led Yosi to positions in notable local restaurants such as Mindy’s Hot Chocolate, Somerset (Boka Group) and Princi. He also gained valuable experience in Israeli cuisine during an internship under world-renowned Israeli Chef Michael Solomonov at Zahav restaurant in Philadelphia.


Yosi decided to make it his mission to bring his Israeli food experiences to the people of Chicago. He worked for months to create his own hummus blend that would match the smell, taste and feel of the smooth, silky hummus that he loved in Israel.

After much recipe testing, Yosi discovered the magical combination he was looking for.

Summer of 2018, LaShuk Street Food opened in Chicago’s Wicker Park and Logan Square Farmers’ Markets. People loved the hummus, the falafel and fresh baked pita and realized that what they had experienced so far in the US was nothing like the real thing.


May of 2019 Yosi opened his first location as part of Politan Row's food hall in West Loop. He believed that offering a selection of Israeli street food, prepared with authentic style and spices, will find a strong following in a city like Chicago that celebrates great ethnic cooking. 

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