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Chicago’s Best Gluten Free: LaShuk Street Food
By: Chicago's Best
September 29, 2019

While dining on authentic Israeli street food, Marley gets schooled on how to pronounce “hummus”.

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10 hummus dishes to eat now in Chicago
By: Louisa Chu
August 22, 2019

Chef Yosi Alhadif and his wife, Aviva, opened what may be the only hummus shop in Chicago at food hall Politan Row. Here we get a glimpse of what it’s like in Israel, where they met. He got his start as a career-changing baker so we’re blessed with beautiful pita too.

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CHICAGO (WLS) -- Hummus is one of those spreads you've seen everywhere - in grocery stores as well as Middle Eastern restaurants. But our Hungry Hound says there's a guy who shows up at the Wicker Park Farmer's Market every Sunday, with some of the best hummus he's ever had in Chicago, thanks to his commitment to making everything himself, and then preparing it fresh, to-order. 

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Food halls have been in Europe forever, but the American food hall invasion has happened fast. From New York to San Francisco, Detroit to Nashville, the past few years have brought a flood of food halls, and there’s a race to build more.

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